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Questions to ask your photographer

1. How would you define your style?

I personally shoot mostly with a photojournalism (or reportage) style, but I mix this with a blend of modern and posed images. Ultimately, I work with you to get the shots you want. I want to be able to tell the story of your day in pictures, ensure everyone has a relaxed and fun time doing it and at the same time give you some images of you that all of your guests would like to hang on their wall.

2. I have certain ideas I would like – can you do these?

Of course – I am open to try anything you want (within reason) .

3. Can you show me a complete set of recent wedding pictures?

There are a selection of images from various wedding on my website. However, it would be best if we meet face to face I can show you a finished album of of a number of completed.

4. Are you insured?

Yes, I am fully insured for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity up to 5 million pounds. All our equipment is covered for loss damage, flood, plagues of locusts, etc.

5. Are you a member of any professional photography organizations?

Yes. I am very proud to be a fully qualified member of the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers.

6. What happens if you fall ill on the day?

I take an aspirin and plow on. On a more serious note, being a member of p rofessional association, I have access to their “SOS” systems to help out. I also maintain reciprocal relationships with a number of other photographers who offer standby support if such an event were to occur.

7. What happens if your camera develops a fault?

I always carry two cameras various lenses , many memeroy cards and batteries.Basically, I have a huge range of professional camera equipment and I duplicate everything. So if a camera or lens were to fail I have another to hand. That also applies to our computer equipment for processing your photos and how we store your valuable image files. We have numerous file backup systems and keep two copies of our images off-site at all times.

8. What happens if it rains?

Well  Unfortunately in the United Kingdom, this does tend to happen quite frequently, so I always plan for it.I carry a couple of very handy large umbrellas and my cameras can withstand a lot of rain. Basically, it won’t stop you from having stunning pictures.

9. Can my other guests take pictures?

Of course, they can. I positively encourage them to get involved and can quite often be found handing out little tid bits of advice to fellow photography enthusiasts.

10. Can you take a picture of my favourite Aunt / Uncle / Cat etc and how long will all the family group shots take?

Absolutely – if there are any “must-have” pictures on the day, just let me know.Please bear in mind we are working within time constraints between the Ceremony and the Reception. I always suggest allowing 5 minutes per formal family group and if you are doing a group shot of all guests then allow 15 minutes. The longer you spend the better results, but ideally, we like to spend about 30-45 minutes with a couple on their own.

11. When will I see my pictures and when will I receive my Album, oh, and do I get digital copies of my images?

My objective is to have your images ready as soon as possible however I would allow between 4 to 8 weeks generally. For an album maybe a little longer as these are handmade luxury products.  I initially layout the draft album design and will then sit down with you to approve the final layout. Once finalised I then allow two to four weeks to get the album back from the printers and into your hands.

Please note that copyright remains with us as the photographer, however, we grant you a license to use the images for personal use.

12. How can I actually be sure that you’ll be any good and that we’ll get along?

Of course Wedding Photography is not just about the photography itself, it’s also about how we run our business and treat you as our valued client.To put clients minds at rest we offer a complimentary pre-wedding photo shoot, soyou’ll have a chance to experience our photography skills first hand before the big day.

13. Who will actually take my photographs?

I personally shoot and process all the weddings myself and I work alongside an

14. Do you cope well under pressure and what about any emergencies on the day?

Yes, I’m a fairly relaxed individual, so I find I cope well with pressure. For emergencies, we’ve found that keeping a sewing and first aid kit to hand is fine for 99% of all wedding emergencies.

15. How far ahead do I need to book my photographer?

My general advice is to avoid disappointment, you should try to reserve your date as soon as  ossible. However, in these modern times, a lot of couples plan their wedding in a relatively short time period, so we can and do get bookings at relatively short notice.

16. My Wedding is not in the United Kingdom is that a problem?

Not at all. We do weddings throughout the UK and for more remote locations, or “DestinationWeddings” as they are known, we ask for a small travel or accommodation supplement if a trip would require overnight accommodation. We can also do weddings anywhere Overseas. Again we would add a travel supplement but this would be just to cover our out-of-office and travel expenses.

How do we take this forward?

It’s very straightforward. Why don’t we arrange an initial meeting, you can tell us all about your wedding plans and we can show you some more of our work.

Great. How can we get in touch?

Easy. Complete our inquiry form here or give us a call on 07534 266600

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As a professional wedding photographer covering weddings in Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire, I will make sure to create a very comfortable and informal environment for you, so the pictures turn out looking absolutely natural and candid. My goal is to capture the happiness and radiance of you and your loved one, making you the center of focus for that day.

Weddings as individual as you.